Created by Anne Gordon. She has been living her whole life in partnership with dolphins and whales.

Dive into an easy partnership with Dolphins & Whales!

In this fun guide you will discover how you can...

  • Bring more Joy and Play into your life
  • Get into Flow with ease and grace
  • Easily Surf through Challenges
  • Create your own Abundance and...
  • Surround yourself with your ideal pod/community.

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Anne Gordon has been running her successful Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats internationally since 2007. She shares the wisdom of the dolphins and whales through transformational retreats to spend time with and deepen your spiritual connection with the natural world.

She has been living and working in partnership with the dolphins and whales. She is dedicated to helping you discover how you can bring more joy, play, flow, unity/community and abundance into your business...the Dolphin & Whale Way!